new line of lighted whips rock lights & accessories by Lone Saguaro Whips

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Quality from the ground up All our products use high quality 5050 LED Chips. They are extremely power efficient and flexible . They are weather and water proof we wrap our whips to have the absolute highest possible amount of LED’s per foot compared to our competition. Many Manufactures leave gaps in between there LED’s to increase profits. We prefer to increase the number of LED chips to make or Whips the brightest per foot whips you can buy . We run our LED’s all the way to the top as well. Even though we have our custom Flags on every Whip we sell the LED’s continue all the way to the top. Yes we would love you to use the supplied Flag but are well aware that we all Love to customize our cars and use different flags or they wear out Having the LED’s go all the way to the top provides additional light and flexibility for you the customer.

We use all Bluetooth controllers. wireless control gives the ultimate flexibility for you the consumer, no remotes to loose, no battery to die in the field With Bluetooth you can control every aspect of your new LED whips you can do almost anything from custom programs to one of the hundreds of preprogrammed patterns along with solid and no flashing options as well.

For even more flexibility you are able to wire the controller to your brake lights, turn signals, or reverse light if you so choose.giving you even more flexibility (brake, turn and reverse lights are not required for installation).



Lone Saguaro Whips are built to exacting standards to provide years of trouble free use. Even so sometimes things can break. Due to this we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. All of our LED lights and Whips and controls are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser with only a few exceptions. All of our rock light products have a 3 year warranty to the original purchaser guaranteeing against defects

Warranty Repairs

Warranty Repairs take an average of 1-2 weeks depending on workload and transportation time.  This time can very depending of the time of year.

The details

All Warranty claims ultimately are at the discretion of Lone Saguaro Whip. Warranty is for original purchaser only. Altering or modifying the product voids the warranty. Irresponsible use and or misuses of products will void the warranty. For example: using your LED Whip for a baseball bat would be considered misuse and abuse. Appropriate instillation by a qualified technician is highly suggested. Improperly wired controllers will not be covered under the warranty. Multiple returns for the same issue may be considered abuse. Warranty is for original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claims. All items included with the product must be returned to Lone Saguaro Whips to have the warranty accepted so we can test the products for defect if required. The customer is responsible for return shipping to Lone Saguaro Whips. Upon receiving and approving your claim your application will be processed and a RMA number will be provided This number along with a copy of the original prof of purchase is required for your claim to be accepted. If appropriate documentation is not provided your claim will be rejected and the item will be returned upon request at your expense .

All Warranty returns should be sent to

Lone Saguaro Whips
c/o Glasgow Enterprizes
44920 W Hathaway Ave Unit 1035
Maricopa Arizona 85139

B’s FAB Recommendations for mounting, flags, antennas, and whip lights with our mounts.


Lock & Ride Flag Mount – This is our lightest duty mount designed for short fiberglass flag poles with small flags only! Mounts in any of the rear bed Lock and Ride holes.

Antenna / Whip Mounting Brackets for the Rear Cage Pillar – This is our medium duty adjustable Antenna / whip mounting bracket for antennas, small lighted whips, and flag poles with smaller flags. NOTE: This mount will move if what ever is attached to it encounters a stationary item.  AKA: Tree, Roof Etc.

HD Whip mounting brackets for the rear of the cage – This is our heavy-duty adjustable bracket designed for big whips & big flags.


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