Polaris General Spare Tire / Accessory Rack

Our torture-tested Rack is the perfect addition to your Polaris General! For those that just want to have it when you need it! This makes a great addition for carrying a complete spare along with many other useful parts & accessories.



Download Installation Instructions

-Does not block rear view mirror view
-Bed still has dump functionality
-High strength steel construction
-All parts cut and bent using CNC equipment, including the tubing
-1 ¾”x .095 wall tubing allows for endless options of mounts and strength
-All mounting hardware included
-All Side Lock and Ride holes are still accessible
-Please note: Limitations of Lock and Ride holes when Side Molle Panels or Cross Mounts are being used.
-Compatible with Polaris factory bed extender
-Designed for side boxes, Koplin and other popular brands
-Powder Coated Satin Black to match your factory cage
-Designed and manufactured in the USA!

Available Models & Accessories
– Spare Tire / Accessory Rack – Center Mounted Tire
– Spare Tire / Accessory Rack – Offset Mounted Tire
– Rack Molle Side Panel
– Cross Mount Driver & Passenger Side
– Rack Upper Molle Panel *Only useable with the Offset Mounted Tire Crossbar*
– Offset Crossbar for Spare Tire / Accessory Rack *Fit’s models 2023 and newer*

-Designed for a 30” tire, will however accommodate most 32” tires depending on actual outer diameter.
-If actual tire diameter is greater than 32” might rub/hit factory roof. Less issues when using the offset model.
All Polaris General Models & Years

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 12 in

Satin Black Powder Coating

6 reviews for Polaris General Spare Tire / Accessory Rack

  1. JESSE (verified owner)


  2. SpiderR

    Love the B’s Fab Spare tire rack I bought a year ago!! Great stuff.

  3. Glen (verified owner)

    Great product, awesome service!!!

  4. Kenneth G. (verified owner)

    The product is great. Does exactly what we need. It’s a little tough to get under the paneling to put the nuts on the bolts through the plastic bed but not the end of the world. Only real issue is to make it stable you need to attach it with bolts to the cab and in the spot where you do this I have seatbelt mounts which I needed to drill through. It’s not perfect but it does make the rack rock solid stable. However, this also means you can’t drop the bed without undoing those bolts which is an inconvenience but it is what it is. On a side note Jim was very helpful during the installation. Thank you!

  5. Rick Cabri (verified owner)

  6. Mark Green (verified owner)

    Wanted to share my thoughts. I did a quite a bit of research on this and stayed pretty fussy in the process. I wanted sturdy, did not block rear window, did not take up any box space and stayed below the roof line. The unit from B’s Fab filled the bill. I will say it was more than I planned top spend, by quite a bit. However it checked all the boxes. Put 250 miles on this weekend and I was very impressed. Plus it lends itself to attaching other tools/accessories to the tubes. I would highly recommend this unit to other General riders.

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